Are you a sucker for a good trend? Then look no further as I am going to let you in on all the best up and coming trends to keep you turning heads this summer. Whether you’ll be strutting the streets of London or jetting off around the world, there’s something for everyone. 

Let’s start with one of the more controversial trends we are seeing hit the streets again: Low Rise Trousers. Every woman who grew up in the early 2000s knows this trend all too well. Those who don’t are in for a treat, low rise anything is only good for one thing and that is: making insecurities heightened. Let’s face it, the majority of us don’t have the ‘ideal’ body type for these super hip-hugging styles. But that’s the good thing
about 2022, we’ve come to terms with the fact all bodies are beautiful. So even though you won’t catch me in these out and about, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear them with confidence.


Another hot trend that I believe will stay strong for Spring/Summer 2022 is: Y2K. As seen all over Instagram,
TikTok and every other platform in the world, the nostalgic fashion of our childhoods is back with a vengeance.

Bringing back some questionable fashion choices we used to make, such as velour sweat-suits, ultra baggy denim/cargo trousers and fur-trimmed EVERYTHING, to name a few. One thing I will say, the put together of said outfits seems to be done A LOT better now than when I used to. This trend is here to stay and I love it. 

Y2K is essentially the perfect opportunity to dig out the old favourite outfit from your youth you couldn’t part with and rock it again with pride.


On the topic of Y2K, our next trending fashion piece is The Ultra mini skirt. Women all over the world are saying enough is enough when it comes to the stigma of ‘short skirts=easy to get’ and making them a fashion statement again. Now, it’s the shorter the better, especially when paired with a cute crop top and pair of statement chunky boots, throw over a long fur-trimmed jacket and you have the ultimate Y2K look. I personally love this trend. Growing up, I was always told ‘make sure your skirt is touching your knees, you don’t want people talking’, and I think it’s about time people stop oversexualizing a fashion choice. Plus it’s just a super-cute look. 

Chunky heels. One of my Favourite trends seen lately is the chunky heels. In a variety of styles and colours, this footwear goes perfectly with any outfit to make a bold statement. My personal favourite are the Versace platform heels that have been trending EVERYWHERE the last few months (You know the ones). Now sadly I don’t have £1000 to spend on them, but I did find some really good dupes online to spice up my wardrobe.

A close second to this are the chunky tight fit boots seen everywhere, a perfect choice to pair with a simple jeans/tshirt combo, your best dress and everything in between. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be a spring/summer trends list without the iconic Bold Colours. A trend that comes around every year (with good reason) are bright colours. I mean, the brighter the better, right? What better way to make a statement than showing up in an eye-catching colour? One thing I will say about this trend is to find balance.

There’s a difference between bright and playful and between bright and playful and turning up looking like a rainbow threw up on you. I suggest choosing one prominent colour to pair with a neutral colour, throwing in some statement accessories for an extra pop of colour.

Big Bags. Finally, a trend I’ve been dying to come back. As a woman who finds a reason to bring half her bedroom out with her, the micro bag trend was not working in my favour. I mean, who needs a bag smaller than their phone to carry around? The practicality was pretty much non-existent with that one. I’m so ready to dust off my giant bags to lug around again. Although with summer coming, I do hate carrying massive bags, so maybe this one isn’t such an excitement to me just yet.
Next on our list of trends to follow for 2022 are timeless neutral pieces. What better way to build your
wardrobe than to find pieces that will never go out of style? A lot of influencers are encouraging people to now pick items that are simple and classic, whilst pairing them with something a bit more outrageous, to elevate your style whilst keeping it chic.
This is a trend that isn’t new as such but will always have a place on any list due to the efficiency it holds. I am a sucker for simple pieces that I can wear all year round. These styles are
perfect to dress up or down, depending on your mood.
A trend that’s been everywhere lately is straps and cut-outs. A lot of fashion at the moment (especially with summer fast approaching) is based around showing skin, and what better way to do this than wearing cut out pieces in all the right places, a favourite for this right now is in crop tops and dresses. Done right, cut-outs can extenuate curves in the most flattering way, pair this with some straps and tie-ups, and you have a
mega edgy look.
This next trend is more about colour than a specific style, and with the warmer weather approaching it makes sense. First up is Green. It’s a colour that I’ve seen ALOT  recently, and honestly, I’m not mad about it. Green normally Isn’t my first choice, as I’m sure most people would say. But for some reason, the designers are digging it this year, and I’m getting into the spirit. Green is a colour that if done correctly, can be paired beautifully with so many others to create eye-catching looks. The next colour is a
timeless classic again: White. Perfect for the hot summer days, and can work perfectly on any skin tone, in any style. White clothing (particularly suit pieces at the moment) is always taking the fashion world by storm. So I suggest you run out to fill your wardrobe with these colours ASAP if you want to stay on trend this year.
The last trend I’m going to mention is perfect for those who are finally able to get away this year. Swimwear as outerwear. This trend also isn’t exactly brand new (but I mean, what trend is at this point). But again, it’s a classic style to wear on those warm evenings out on holiday. Picture this: you’ve planned a day of shopping in the morning and beach in the afternoon, finishing up with drinks at the bar. Why not save yourself a lot of time and effort and wear that bikini top as a normal one, throw on one of those micro skirts on the bottom
or some baggy jeans, an oversized shirt, and you’re good to go.
If the likes of Rihanna can do it, why can’t we?
What trends will you be perfecting this spring/summer?

Lauren is a content writer that is creating her own book and aspires to become a published author. While writing content, she also spends her time performing as an actress for different projects presented to her.


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