It’s an understatement to say that we are all feeling the effects of the price inflations now. And honestly, it doesn’t look like its about to get better anytime soon. So how can we adjust our lifestyles to this new way of life we should be getting used to?

Bills keep multiplying by the second, food is becoming a luxury and forget about having a night out anymore. Of course,  this is subjective to each household. But as a whole this country is definitely going into financial ruin. People are being forced to take on second and even third jobs to make ends meet, some even being forced out of their homes because they cannot afford to keep them. So why isn’t any action being taken?

I know it isn’t as simple as just producing more money, but with the statistics being thrown out there, its hard to understand why the government aren’t doing more to help those in need. I mean that’s what they’re supposed to be doing right?

Let’s take the interview of the pensioner who has stated she wakes up early and rides buses all day because she can’t  afford to stay at home and turn on her lights or heating. What was the Prime Minister’s response? Well for starters he did claim he didn’t want her to cut back on anything, but he didn’t provide any comforting solution or action plan to prevent this. He also decided to take the time to boast about introducing the freedom pass (allowing pensioners to travel freely across London transport at no cost) as if she should be grateful to him for this option. Ridiculous, right?

The government have also issued  out a one-off  £150 council tax rebate and a one-off warm home discount but not everyone is eligible for this. Meaning it’s  not as helpful as they want to pretend it is.

Another issue that has come to light is tax itself, yes tax is rising quicker than you can count to 3 these days but the percentages of the tax rise are causing a stir online when it was revealed that the higher your salary, the lower your tax was raised. Now what sense does that make? People are also calling for the government to present us with the numbers on how our tax contributions are being used, as many are convinced that the money is being used insufficiently. If everyone is paying a higher rate of tax, why can’t that money be thrown back into the community to allow those struggling to gain some help.

But enough about all the things  the government aren’t doing to help, and onto the things we can do to help ourselves and others get by a little easier.

First things first, the easiest way to ensure you make the most of your money is to budget. As soon as that pay check comes in, break it down for  all your expenses and allocate those pounds. Having it all written out can help you keep up to date and organised on all your income. Perhaps consider setting up a standing order for all those reoccurring expenses, such as bills. This can relieve the stress of having to remember to keep up with payments.

Another thing that you can do is get in contact with your bill providers. Many companies understand how hard these times have become and will be willing to come to an agreement for a payment plan that helps you keep up with your monthly bills whilst not leaving you completely dried out. Not all companies will do this but it is worth a shot.

Bargains. For those who are finding it a struggle to keep the cupboards full at the moment, bargains are your new best friend. I mean,  who doesn’t love a bargain anyway?  Every supermarket will have their own version of deals and exclusive prices to entice you. Before heading to the shops, do some research into which one will give you the most for your money. You’ll be surprised at how expensive some of these ‘cheaper’ shop options can get nowadays. Also, I suggest keeping a weekly food budget. Depending on how big your household is, depends on how much food you need to buy weekly but having a rough idea of a spending limit can help you make quick decisions on what to buy. It also helps to come up with a meal plan, thinking in advance about what meals you will make can give your shopping trip structure, allowing you to keep the total to a minimum.

Becoming more aware of your usage can help you actually cut your bill down by a lot. Switching to off when not in use can save tons of energy daily. And switching to energy saving lightbulbs or lamps can also help. Of course,  there are things we can’t  avoid but every little action can make a big difference.

We all love a night out, and we deserve to with how hard we all work day in and day out. But perhaps setting a limit will help keep the money in your pockets. I know I am guilty of making plans without checking if it’s in budget and worrying about it later. Or being too lazy to cook so going out to eat/ordering in instead.

These are all just small changes we can make to help us stretch money a little further, but it’s  very clear something needs to change higher up in the community. Or we will all be doomed. Some are even speculating an  uprising  amongst the community, which will lead  to riots and a war between the government and the country.

All I can say is I hope we see a better future coming soon.

Lauren is a content writer that is creating her own book and aspires to become a published author. While writing content, she also spends her time performing as an actress for different projects presented to her.


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