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Meet the Team

Toyin Ariyo

Web Designer

Toyin is a Web Designer, with a passion for looking up the newest trends in tech and developing story-based video games.

Mikayla Attah

Content Influencer

Mikayla is a fashion and graphic designer that has her own brand, inspired by Mental Health, called “The Mattah”.

Poi Jonesy

Content Influencer

Poi is a content creator that has a podcast on her YouTube channel called "TheUnderratedRappers".

Ertan Fedai

Advertising & PR Executive

Ertan is an Advertising and PR Executive who also has skills in video editing and camera work with an interest in film.

Courtney King

Editorial Executive

Courtney is an Editorial Executive with a degree in Music Composition and Technology for Film and Games.

Oliver Timberlake

Writer & Journalist

Oliver is a writer with a passion for TV, arts and culture.

Edie Evans

Editorial Writer

Edie is a musician that composes and produces her own tracks alongside music for games.

Ashley Rondeaux

Copy Editor/Editorial Writer

Ashley is a copy editor and writer with a passion for gaming, music, films and animation.

Kalise Pritchard

Social Media Growth Manager

Kalise is a Social Media Growth Manager, who is passionate about music and gaming. She spends her time researching and speedrunning NES games in particular.

Isabel Hylton

Copy Editor/Editorial Writer

Isabel is a writer and editor with a passion for reading, art and philosophy. She often spends her time pondering the meaning of life and performing her rigorous skincare routine.

Taylar Quinn

Editorial Executive

Taylar is a writer with a passion for music, film & TV. She also enjoys reading, art and gaming.

George Orton

Editorial Executive

George is a musician from Gladboy and Bug Teeth, currently residing in Leeds. He writes in his spare time.

Denis Pinzariu

Advertising/PR Executive

Denis is a content creator with a filmmaking background. Besides his work, Denis has an Instagram page where he creates surreal/abstract digital collages for various artists.

Maya Aidoo

Office Manager Assistant

Maya is an Office Manager Assistant who loves all things creative.

Liam Abbas

Copy Editor/Editorial Writer

Liam is a copywriter and editor, with a passion for Film, TV and art.

Hana Snelling-Jaron

Graphic Designer/Writer

Hana is an artist and writer, with an avid interest in topics stemming from technology and technoethics, to human rights and general welfare.

Joel Kazenga

Graphic Designer/Writer

Joel is an artist and writer with an interest in video games.

James Edwards

Content Creator

James is a model and a content creator.

Laurence Smither

Content Writer

Laurence Smither is a content writer for Networthpick and a screenwriter.

Pearce Jennings

Content Writer

Pearce is a recent masters graduate with a passion for games. Outside of game design, he has an interest in Twitch, music and has a love for animals.

Lauren Young

Content Writer

Lauren is a content writer that is creating her own book and aspires to become a published author. While writing content, She also spends her time performing as an actress for different projects presented to her.

Mikey Hutton

Content Writer

Mikey is a Former semi-pro academy footballer with great interest in games, film, anime and multiple sports. He also enjoys comedy in all shapes and is interested in controversial individuals and controversy in general.

Megan Dowthwaite

Graphic Designer/Writer

Megan is a graphic designer and content creator with a focus on fashion, art, history and the ecosystem.

Essence Howells

Content Creator

Essence is a model and a content creator.

Chyna Turay

Office Manager

Chyna is an office manager that enjoys exploring the visual arts and world philosophy.

Jordan Kursteiner

Office Manager

Jordan is an office manager and a creative writer inspired by all art forms, while also having an interest in the South Korean entertainment industry.

Angel Mowa

Office Administrator

Angel is an office administrator that works within the management team. Outside of that, she works within her community to promote community cohesion, and takes part in Theatre.

Shania Dixon

Social Media Marketer

Shania is a social media marketer and content creator who enjoys making TikToks about her everyday life that reflect her interests in music, fashion and beauty.

Jay Clarke

Social Media Growth Manager

Jay is a social media growth manager that enjoys doing photography and graphic design.

Elsenty Williams

Social Media Marketer

El is a Social Media Marketer, he is also on his way to becoming an established rapper under the alias “RevsBoogie”.